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Headpieces to Wear at the Altar

Happy Tuesday everyone! So today’s topic is different headpieces to wear at the altar. I personally believe that adding a headpiece to your wedding gown adds a pop of your own personality to you outfit! There are many different headpieces you can go with. We have the tiara to make every bride feel like the princess she is on her wedding day. Then there is the headband, which can go from chic and bohemian, to colorful and whimsical. However don’t forget about hair combs! These beautiful hair pieces are not often seen on brides which can make you unique and one of a kind. Last but not least we have the classic veil. Whether you wear it short or long, the veil is a classic statement piece to any bride’s wedding gown.

The Tiara

The tiara is the perfect way to make yourself feel like the princess you are on your wedding day! There are a couple of styles you can choose from. The most common, and my personal favorite are the regal tiaras. These tiara’s are the style that you will most likely see on royalty, but hey! The bride is obviously royalty on her wedding day. Tiara’s come in many shapes and sizes and can be worn in multiple ways. You can wear it the classic way- as a tiara. Or you could wear it sitting more to the back of your head as a bun wrap. Either way, it is going to dazzle your guests and the lucky groom.

The Headband

The headband is a very versatile piece for a wedding outfit. It can go with just about every type of wedding outfit possible. You can get them in all metal as a regular head band. Or you can get them as an elastic that you simply pull on. The third style of headbands available are the lace up headbands. These headbands add a little flair to your outfit because you can tie them in the back and then drape the rest of the ribbons over your shoulder, or keep them dangling in the back! Whichever style you prefer, there will be a headband for it.

The Haircomb

Now the haircomb, is a very unique type of headpiece. These beautiful pieces add a bit of traditionalism to your outfit. They can be vintage, or modern and will fit beautifully with up-do hairstyles. I feel like the haircomb, adds a Gatsby like flair to your wedding outfit. They are sophisticated and come in a very wide range of selections.


The Veil

The veil is the most classic piece you could wear as a part of your wedding outfit. The history behind the veil coincides with the myth that the, groom may not see his bride until they meet at the altar. The veil served as a “shield” between the groom’s eyes and the bride. Veils come in many different sizes ranging from short veils (flyways) that only cover the face to veils that have trains 3 feet long (sweep veils). I feel that shorter veils give off the modern edgy vibe, while the longer veils are more traditional. Whichever one you choose, they will still add a beautiful, gentle, enhancement to your overall wedding outfit.

The author: Divya

Divya is currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech. She is pursuing a degree in Human Nutrition and Food Sciences, with a concentration in Exercise Science. She is also an avid Indian classical dancer and singer and has been studying both for the past 16 years. In her free time, Divya loves reading books written by Jane Austen, photography, trying new foods, and spending time with friends and family!