8 Things You Need to Include On Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites have become very popular in recent years. It allows the couple to convey important information to their guests while keeping their invitation suite to a minimum and to collect RSVPs electronically. There are so many possibilities for what to include, many brides question what information should be presented on the website. Use this opportunity to be as creative as you want and to show you and your fiancé’s personality. Here are a few basic things to be sure to include on your wedding website!

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1. Your Wedding Date

Obviously! Have your special date plastered on every page of your wedding website. It’ll be one of the most important days of your life, plus it’s an easy reminder to people if they misplace the invitation or are just curious. Consider including the date in the header, under your names.

2. LOADS of Pictures

Everyone who visits the site will want to see pictures of the happy couple. Engagement photos, pictures from your relationship, really anything you’ve got. Make a separate tab to display special moments from your time together. Add a short caption so readers know when and where the photos were taken.

3. An “Our Story” Tab

Reminisce on the beginning of your relationship by writing out a short paragraph about how the two of you met. Consider including a short recount from both of your perspectives. Of course, include the story of your proposal as well.

4. Introduce Your Wedding Party

If you’re choosing to save on programs, include all of the information that usually appears on those on your website. This includes parents of the bride and groom, maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl, and ring bearer. Even if you are planning on having paper programs on the day of, including this information allows people to get to know your bridal party. Include a photo and how you know each person for an added touch!

5. Q&A Section

Q&A section is a great catch all for the information you want your guests to know that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Include information about travel, dress code, if children are welcome, if your wedding is indoors or outdoors, parking at the venue, when the RSVP deadline is, what your wedding hashtag is, and any fun details or things you’d like your guests to know about your relationship! Have fun with this tab and include anything you feel is important for yours guests to know.

6. Schedule

Clear up any questions about the order of events by featuring your schedule on the website. Include any events that all of your guests are invited to, such as a welcome dinner, after party, or farewell brunch. Include the start and end times of your ceremony and reception as well as the locations for each. Add the dress code for each of the events listed so your guests can plan ahead.

7. Accommodations/Travel

Instead of including a large info card in your invitation suite, include any travel and accommodation information on your website! Add any recommended hotels or rental homes and information about a hotel block. You can even put some fun activities and favorite eateries on this tab.

8. Registry

Last, but certainly not least, include your registry information. Many wedding website templates make it easy to link your registry information right on your website!

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The author: Natalie

Natalie is a Vinton, VA native currently pursuing a journalism degree at Virginia Tech. She loves planning, and has a specific interest in all things to do with weddings. In her free time she enjoys reading, journalism, and traveling. Her post-grad plans are to pursue a career in magazine writing and design.