While the bridal shower is intended to provide the Bride-to-Be with well-wishes, gifts, and congratulations, there are often games and activities for the guests as well. A few of our favorite ideas that are sure to keep your guests entertained are listed below:

Where in the World Are They?

For couples who are seasoned adventurers, a “where in the world are they” game is a great choice! Create a poster with photos from the couple’s travels together, and have guests guess where each photo was taken. This is an easy DIY game, or a customizable template can be purchased on Etsy, like the one below!

Custom Crossword

A fun option to test guests’ knowledge about the couple and encourages collaboration, a custom crossword can be complete while the guests are mingling or during the meal service. Consider individual sheets for each guest, like the one from CreativeMonsoonParty on Etsy, or a large poster board, like the one from LoveSimplyTemplates.

How Old Was the Bride to Be?

Include photos of the bride at different ages and have guests guess her age in each photo. Another option is to include the groom-to-be in this game and have the guests guess the age of each member of the couple or how long the couple had been together in each photo.

Find the far left image on PaperPassionDesigns Etsy shop. The middle image was created by GlittyPopStudio, and the template on the right is available for purchase from WaterLiliesStore.

Gift Bingo

Include guests in the gift-opening festivities by giving them a bingo card to fill in. Each guest will receive a blank 5×5 grid and can write in gifts that they think the bride will receive. As the bride opens her presents, the first guest to cross off five in a row will yell Bingo and win a prize. The digital template below is available on Etsy.

All About the Bride-to-Be

There are several variations of games that can test guests’ knowledge about the bride. A few ideas are listed below:

Fill in the Blank

Provide questions and allow the guests to guess the answers, like where was she born, what was her major in college, what was her first job, and what’s her biggest pet peeve.

Over or Under

Guests guess if the number provided in the statements is over or under the real amount. For example, there will be 13 letters in the bride’s new full name, the bride has 3 sisters, there will be 5 bridesmaids, and there will be 85 guests at the wedding.

Would She Rather

Give guests options to choose from, like would the bride rather go out or stay in, own a dog or own a cat, visit the mountains or visit the beach. The guest who chooses the most correct options wins!

He Said/She Said

In this game, the bridal shower attendees guess whether the statement applies to the bride or the groom. For example, said I love you first, is the bigger spender, and is the better cook.

Who Has the Groom Scratch Off

In a simple game of luck, each guest receives card and scratches off to reveal the groom’s face. The winner is the one with the actual groom on her card. The other guests will have famous actors and musicians. HollyGrape Designs on Etsy has over 200 celebrities to choose from!

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