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Calling All Mothers of the Bride!

For mothers of the bride and groom, finding the perfect outfit for the wedding can be a challenge. Julie Sabatino is a renowned bridal stylist and founder of The Stylish Bride, and she’s here to help. “Mothers often have the hardest time finding the perfect outfit, considering the various style options and confidence,” Julie shares. Her expertise lies in ensuring mothers feel comfortable, coordinated, and poised, complementing the wedding theme without overshadowing it.

Here are four of Julie’s tips to guide mothers of the bride and groom toward their wedding day attire.

1. Coordinate with the Bride

Mothers of the bride and groom are the unsung stars of the wedding, so it is important that these guests of honor coordinate with the bride, each other, and the wedding color scheme. Make sure to communicate and agree on a dress code so both mothers complement each other and the wedding theme.

2. Consider Color

It is a good idea to avoid white, since this color is often reserved for the bride. Instead, opt for a color that complements the wedding color scheme. Some brides might request family wear a specific color, so just like tip number one suggests, it’s a good idea to coordinate with her.

3. Comfort is Key

Wedding days tend to be long, so make sure your outfit is comfortable to wear. Avoid shoes that are too tight or too tall and choose attire that doesn’t restrict your movement so you can party on the dance floor during the reception.

4. Be Yourself

Lastly, mothers of the bride and groom should wear something that is their own style and makes them feel comfortable and confident.

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