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Customize & Personalize Your Virginia Wedding

There are so many ways to trick out your wedding, but some have been so done before, here are some brand, spanking new ones! We’ve all seen the soda bottles with the bride’s and groom’s pictures. Etched wine glasses, beer steins, and shot glasses are common. Family photo galleries are charming and such a good idea it is seen frequently. But things that may not have been done or overdone are the following:

Wooden Script Cake Toppers

So many people have gotten a hold of the technology that allows elaborate cutting of thin sheets of wood that on Etsy or elsewhere you can find someone who will customize a wedding topper for you. Have your name in script. Have the first line of a poem. Have whatever you like. They are thin and lightweight and will anchor to your cake beautifully.

Ring Bearer Jewel Box

Toss the pillows and have a gem of a jewel box for your wedding ring bearer to carry down the aisle. It is ornate and a keepsake that will never be out of place in your future home.

Horse Drawn Carriage or Wagon Rides

Don’t believe you have to have an outdoor wedding or a country wedding to have horse drawn carriage rides. You simply need to make sure they are allowed to operate in the location you are hosting your reception. You can look them up in your area online. You can ask your event planner their recommendation of venues that would accommodate carriage rides. Make the carriage ride your starting point and plan your wedding from there.

Rent a Reception Luxury Car Getaway

Have you ever been wowed! by a sports car or classic luxury car? You can rent many cool jalopies. Consider having fun by making a great escape in a drop top or T-top. Maybe get a great old Studebaker. There are car shows a plenty with clubs for all sorts of brands. If you can’t find a rental place, maybe you can find a car owner that wouldn’t mind making some upkeep money.

Exit Your Wedding by Helicopter

And speaking of great escapes, instead of laying rubber, consider making the treetops shake and escape via a helicopter. This again would take some forethought as to where. I wonder if you could rent space in an airport hanger? What you could do with that kind of great open space!

Inviting Children? Give Pony Rides!

They have them at birthdays, so surely many places would allow these even in an adjoining parking lot. Just make sure the ponies are pampered. They need shade and cool water and rest breaks. And carrots. I hear they love carrots.

Introducing Individuals With Song(s)

At the reception, let an individualized song introduce each person in your wedding party. It is fun and will make them feel like celebrities. Get funky. Have fun. Go for their #1 favorite, the #1 song the date of their birth, but keep it shuffling as they enter the reception hall. You could widen this out to introduce mother-of-bride, father-of-the-bride, grandmother-of-the-groom and so on. Might be a fun way to get the party started!

Bring the Indoors Outdoors

Everyone has seen the foldable chairs, but what about setting up upholstered couches and chairs outside with rugs and tables. Consider “creating spaces” by setting up “lounges.” You can have one large one with a couple or long couches and four chairs or you can have a few different ones set up. Make them all the same or make them all different. Watch guests smile and giggle like kids who made a fort just because you have a lounge outside.

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