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Fun DIY Décor Alternatives for Your Wedding Day

Whether you’re feeling crafty or need to save some money as you plan your Virginia wedding, doing DIY projects can provide a fun, personalized touch to your wedding. They also make great projects do with friends and family members who want to help out as you get ready for your wedding. Some of these would be great for church small groups to do together to help out a couple or could even be a part of a fun get-together for the bridesmaids the week before the wedding.

If you want a lot of personalized or customized décor touches in your day, these can get pretty expensive, unless you craft some of your own from inexpensive yet elegant materials. Here are some of my favorite projects for those touches.

Wire and Bead Celestial Orbs

These wire and bead celestial orbs from Ruffled take about one minute each to make and they can add a sparkly, fun touch to the day without blowing the budget in any way. They’re great to have kids or bridesmaids help make, too. And, when all’s said and done, you can use them for decorations at home after the wedding on the Christmas tree. They’ll make great little gifts to send home with guests, too, if you so desire.

Ribbon-Tied Backdrop

Here’s another inexpensive yet beautiful décor piece for the day. These ribbon-tied backdrops from Wedding Chicks can come in any color, style, or size, meaning you can use them for a photo booth style backdrop, a ceremony backdrop, tabletop backdrop, or just about anything else you might want. And, again, after the big day, you can reuse this décor piece for future events or as a charming backdrop in your home for hanging your wedding day photos around. Just drape the ribbons around the picture frames for a stunning, themed wedding gallery wall.

Flower and Pom Pom Vines

Not sure about doing a full-on backdrop but still want something lovely? You could make these simple pompom and flower vines from Once Wed to hang from tree branches, hooks on the wall, surrounding doorways, or just about anywhere else on the venue. They won’t cost a fortune, and, again, you can use them at home after the big day as a special touch of remembrance for your beautiful day.

Create Your Own Super Easy, Yet Elegant Wedding Signs

If you love the looks of antique mirrors or elegant frames, you can purchase a frame or mirror and create your own signs. You can frame a chalkboard and produce your own program or purchase an antique mirror that you’ll later use in your bedroom or master closet. Grab some window chalk or markers and you’ll quickly have a sign worthy of your elegant day.

Ribbon-Tied Chairs

Using the same concept and methods of the ribbon-tied backdrop above, you can create special ribbon-tied chairs for your sweetheart table or head table. They can add a touch of color and tie together your theme for the day, literally, without adding a lot of time and energy to your DIY decorating efforts.

Dip-Dyed Silverware

A fun touch for your table settings could be these elegant, simple, and easy dip-dyed silverware pieces. Follow the tutorial from HTGV. You can choose dye or paint in whatever your wedding colors are and go with a single shade or mix them up, using all the colors.

And, to make this project super affordable, you can purchase the silverware from stores like Dollar Tree or thrift stores to create as many as you need without the cost of brand new flatware eating up your budget.

Paper Lantern Columns

If any part of your reception is being held at night, a simple and fun way to add some unique light settings to your event is using this DIY tutorial from Martha Stewart for creating your own paper lantern columns. You can find battery-operated lanterns at stores like Dollar Tree and Walmart to save on budget, as well, making this a super fun and affordable touch that will really wow your guests.

Painted Votive Holders

I have the soul of an artist and the hands of an unskilled five-year-old handling a paintbrush for the first time. But even I can create these stunning votive holders from Once Wed. They make for great décor pieces that you can send home with your guests, too, after being created on a rainy day with the bridesmaids, kids, or room full of friends. The best part is, you can make them for almost nothing in any color you like.

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