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Real Virginia Engagement: Lizzie & Caroline

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NAME: Lizzie Herring, 27, Registered Nurse 

NAME: Caroline Willis, 29, Registered Nurse  

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Buckroe Beach, Hampton Roads, Virginia

DATE: May 11, 2024   

VENUE: Fort Monroe, Hampton Roads, Virginia  


In the summer of 2020, destiny brought Lizzie and Caroline together at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia. Both were passionately caring for patients in the cardiac unit. Caroline, a dedicated full-time registered nurse, and Lizzie, eager and in training, crossed paths thanks to Lizzie’s nurse mentor, Lauren, a close friend of Caroline’s. A few weeks later, the trio shared a memorable celebration at Fuller’s Raw Bar in Hampton, Virginia, to honor Lauren’s birthday. On this particular evening, Caroline and Lizzie instantly connected, and from then on, they started exchanging regular texts.

Their first official date occurred at Kero Sushi in Newport News, Virginia, on March 13, 2021, and it was crystal clear to both that something genuinely remarkable was blossoming between them. On April 13, 2021, they decided to commit to an exclusive relationship. Three months later, on the 4th of July 2021, at Lake Gaston in North Carolina, Lizzie bravely said, “I love you.” first, and Caroline immediately reciprocated. This exchange of love was an extraordinary moment for both of them.

Lizzie’s joyful and vibrant spirit genuinely inspires Caroline. “Lizzie has a remarkable ability to spread positivity wherever she goes and uplift the atmosphere of any gathering,” said Caroline. “Her genuine kindness touches the hearts of those around her, inspiring the best in everyone she meets.” Lizzie adores Caroline’s caring nature and the way she always makes Lizzie feel loved and secure. She appreciates Caroline’s sense of humor and how she can be her authentic, quirky self around her. Lizzie also admires Caroline’s confidence in her work.


Caroline proposed to Lizzie on December 9, 2023, at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lizzie was amazed as Caroline popped the question during what was supposed to be a casual evening out with friends to celebrate Caroline completing her first semester at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, as a Nurse Practitioner. She had no idea that the evening would be much more than an ordinary celebration.

To set the stage, Caroline convinced Lizzie to arrive a few hours early for dinner under the pretense of grabbing a drink at the Raleigh room in the Cavalier Hotel. Unbeknownst to Lizzie, her entire family was coming to the hotel to celebrate the couple’s engagement. As they arrived, Caroline bent one knee to the floor and proposed to Lizzie on the hotel lawn. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s brother cleverly hid in a nearby bush and flew his drone to capture the unforgettable moment on camera. After the proposal, the rest of Lizzie’s family surprised her at the hotel. 

To everyone’s surprise, Lizzie also proposed to Caroline just an hour later, surrounded by their family in the Raleigh room at the Cavalier. Four months earlier, Lizzie had purchased an engagement ring for Caroline in anticipation of a proposal from Caroline. She gave the ring to her sister, Kathryn, and asked her to bring it to her when she knew Caroline was ready to propose. The evening continued with a delightful dinner and drinks, and Lizzie and Caroline’s closest friends and family joined them to create lasting memories of this joyous occasion.


Caroline gave Lizzie a three-stone engagement ring that holds special meaning. Its 1.02-carat pear-shaped centerpiece diamond was taken from her mother’s cherished engagement ring. Caroline had Hauser’s Jewelers meticulously craft a new engagement ring with the heirloom diamond in the center, flanked by two elegant fan-shaped diamonds weighing 0.5 carats each, all set in yellow gold.

Equally stunning was Caroline’s engagement ring. A dazzling pear-shaped solitaire diamond weighing 1.43 carats with an enchanting hidden halo setting. It is also made of yellow gold and was purchased online from Vrai. 


Lizzie and Caroline’s engagement photography session occurred at Fort Monroe in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They selected this location for its charming, exposed brick and rustic ambiance and because they enjoy visiting its beach and a nearby local brewery, Oozlefinch. Their session featured a champagne toast to celebrate their happiness, with the historic fort, moat, and beautiful landscaping providing the ideal backdrop for their photos.

The engagement shoot was magical, with Lizzie and Caroline swapping styles seamlessly, resulting in a stunning and perfectly coordinated look. Their outfits and accessories produced a breathtaking set of memorable photos that will be cherished forever. Caroline wore a lovely white dress, and Lizzie wore a gorgeous hunter-green pantsuit, with their hair and makeup styled by Lizzie’s sister, Kathryn.

Their love story is interwoven with the beauty of the fort, its beach, and views of the Chesapeake Bay, creating new memories that have enriched their relationship with each visit. Their engagement photo shoot captured the essence of their journey, serving as a visual reminder of their past and present and an exciting new chapter as they move to Virginia Beach after they marry.


Lizzie and Caroline’s advice is to take things one step at a time and avoid getting overwhelmed by planning everything out at once. They also encourage you to think outside the box and do what brings you joy, even if it’s not traditional.


In June 2025, Lizzie and Caroline are planning a beautiful courthouse wedding, and they can’t wait to celebrate with their closest family and friends!


The couple is looking forward to their exciting two-week honeymoon adventure in the beautiful countries of Italy and Greece!

Lizzie: @lizzieee10 

Caroline: @averycarolinew 


PHOTOGRAPHY: Julie Martin Photography – @juliemartinphotography  


PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION: Fort Monore – @thefortmonroe

BREWERY: Oozlefinch – @oozlefinchbeers

RESTAURANT: Fuller’s Raw Bar – @fullersrawbar

ENGAGEMENT VENUE: The Cavalier Hotel – @thecavaliervb

RINGS: Hausers Jewlers – @hausersjewelers & Vrai – @vraiofficial

ATTIRE: @jcrew & @lulus 


HAIR/MAKEUP: Kathryn Herring, Newport News, Virginia

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The author: Debra Shepperson

Debra is a native of Virginia, having lived in both Roanoke and Richmond. She is the co-owner of Relish – Say I Do!! Officiant & Photographer. She is an artist who aims to create ceremony scripts and capture photos that evoke positive emotional responses, inspire others, and deliver nostalgia. Debra holds a graduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth and an undergraduate degree from Saint Leo University, Florida. Before gaining more than ten years of wedding-related experience, Debra was a human resource executive. She has been happily married to the co-owner of Relish for more than 20 years.