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Real Virginia Wedding Wednesday: Jihyae & Stephen

Virginia Bride features weddings weekly here on the blog. Being featured in the blog does not necessarily mean they are featured in the print magazine.

This week’s real Virginia weddings tale comes from a Korean couple named Jihyae and Stephen, as told by their talented photographer, Rachel Jordan.

The Scoop:

Bride: Jihyae

Groom: Stephen

Wedding date: August 7, 2021

Number of guests: 40

“Jihyae and Stephen’s wedding was such a peaceful summer day. I truly believe that the images reflected the day so well, it really was that beautiful in person! It was an overcast day in July, which was a blessing here in Virginia. It did rain off and off throughout the whole day, which always gives challenges. But the overcast weather provided stunning lighting, along with a much cooler temperature for all of the guests. The 2941 Restaurant is an amazing venue to start with. It is surrounded by water, and thoughtful landscaping. There is always a serene feeling to this venue for those two reasons. When you walk inside you are met with ornate design and high ceilings. The couple booked the back room for their reception, with an immediate view of the waterfall.”

“The patio was probably my favorite part. Again, it was surrounded with landscaping which gave all of their ceremony photos that pretty contrasted ‘pop!’ The patio is also the perfect shade of stone, which really brightened up the space. The couple did a fantastic job of picking out their florist. Jihyae decided on a simple bouquet, but the two ceremony site pieces really made an impact. The colors, matched with the flower selection and styling really took such a simple design and elevated it. The Flower Palette did such a fantastic job, and I recommend them to any couple in the DC area!”

“Jihyae and Stephen both have Korean roots, so they celebrated that in a few transitions throughout the ceremony and food selections. They also are both Christians, so Jihyae sang at their ceremony and Stephen played the guitar. It was so beautiful! Jihyae also went to Liberty University, so she had her best friend from university as her maid of honor. It was really important to them to keep their ceremony small, so they had less than 40 guests and only 2 people in the bridal party.”

“The couple also had a really stylish yet simple attire. Stephen opted for a classic, streamline black suit and bow tie, and Jihyea had a very simple yet modern white dress with just a little lace detailing on the sleeves. I have always thought long sleeves give dresses a modern touch anyways, but her modest style was extremely classy in my opinion.”

“One of the special moments throughout the day is that they did a first look. They got ready at a hotel together and when they came to the venue, Jihyae changed in a back room, before they shared an intimate moment before the ceremony. Stephen’s face was priceless. Another really sweet part of their day is that Jihyae’s Liberty friends sang for her and Stephen at the reception. And her dad gave a speech to his daughter in Korean. I’m not completely positive but I do think some of the family traveled from Korea, which is why their party was a bit on the smaller side, I don’t think due to covid as many family members could travel in.”

“For me, the entire day just felt smooth. The couple handled the rain so well, and we did portraits in the rain too. (Thank goodness I always keep clear umbrellas!) They really were so genuinely thankful, which makes me love my job. Honestly they were some of the sweetest clients I’ve had.”

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