By R.Varito Vasquez

As we look ahead to wedding season 2024, the floral forecast reveals an enchanting garden of wedding trends that offer brides a myriad of inspiration. From timeless bouquets to elevated adornments, let’s embark on a journey that promises to infuse romance and elegance into every petal of your celebration.

The prevailing wedding trend is poised to be the resurgence of classic sophistication and the embrace of minimalistic, high-class aesthetics. Couples are gravitating towards timeless elegance, opting for clean lines, muted color palettes, and refined simplicity to create an atmosphere of understated luxury. From minimalist floral arrangements and sleek, monochromatic decor to sophisticated, tailored wedding attire, the trend reflects a desire for a tasteful and enduring celebration.

The emphasis on quality over quantity, along with attention to detail, showcases a shift towards a more intimate and exclusive affair. This aesthetic choice not only exudes a sense of refined style but also allows for a focus on the significance of the matrimonial union itself. As 2024 unfolds, anticipate witnessing a return to the classic, an embrace of simplicity, and the elevation of high-class minimalism as the embodiment of chic weddings.


For a truly dreamy, regal aesthetic, brides and influencers are turning away from larger bouquets and entertaining the prospect of petite bouquets filled with quality, premium florals. While small, these bouquets lend themselves to a classic and elegant look, reminiscent of royal bouquets


Following the trend of bridesmaids’ dresses, florals in different shades of one color are all the rage. Various shades of cream and white, purples and lavenders, blues, pinks, and earth tones are having their day in the sun for 2024. This look lends itself to a cohesive overall theme while still promoting a diverse range of textures, blooms, and greenery.
Bright, saturated florals are making a bold statement in weddings, and they show no signs of fading away. Expect to see vibrant hues of pinks, oranges, blues, purples, and yellows gracing 2024 wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and overall decor.


One of the best parts about investing in ground florals is that your designer can repurpose elements of this over-the-top look as centerpieces, stage florals, or sweetheart table florals, or fill in any areas that may need covering.


Easily one of the most requested elements of this year, wildflowers create a natural, organic look and a light and airy feel. “I want it to look like you went and picked flowers from a meadow” is a phrase we hear often. More sustainable use of natural products also is an option.

In 2024, the wedding industry is set to embrace a charming and whimsical trend as wearable flowers take center stage in bridal fashion. As couples seek to infuse their celebrations with a touch of nature and personalized elegance, floral accessories are becoming increasingly popular.


Varito is one of the world’s most highly coveted and distinguished floral and creative talents in the event industry. His artistic passion and expert knowledge of global design trends are the key to his success and world-renowned creations. 

His acclaimed designs have been featured in Florist Review Magazine. He has been awarded FSFA Designer of the Year and placed first in the Annual Ian Prosser Bridal Bouquet Competition. His creativity and jaw-dropping designs earned him inclusion in the Barcelona World Flower Cup Competition. He has been invited to be an honorary presenter for stage programs, virtual seminars and symposiums, many with global audiences. 

Varito’s floral designs are highly sought after and relished by a long list of discerning clients spanning a variety of celebrations, galas, virtual, and corporate events.

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