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Addy Marie Designs: Wedding Flower Preservation Specialists

Established in 2019, Addy Marie Designs stands as a testament to artistry and dedication in wedding flower preservation. Our journey began with a singular vision: to offer couples a unique and lasting way to relive the beauty of their special day. Specializing in the delicate craft of epoxy resin preservation, we transform your blooms into captivating, and life-long pieces of art.

Flowers tell stories, capturing emotions and moments in time. Recognizing their significance, our team ensures that every petal, every color, and every detail is encapsulated with utmost precision. This meticulous process guarantees that the memories held within each flower remain vivid and untarnished for years to come.

At Addy Marie Designs, our commitment transcends mere preservation. We strive to understand the essence of every couple’s love story, ensuring that each preserved piece resonates with their unique narrative. From bridal bouquets to ceremonial arrangements, our creations serve as timeless symbols of love, commitment, and cherished memories.

Some of our offerings include: Acrylic trays, bookends, varying shapes like hexagon, circular, and square blocks, as well as smaller items like ring holders, jewelry dishes, wine stoppers, candle holders, and more!

Embrace the magic of eternal blooms with Addy Marie Designs, where passion meets artistry in every preserved petal.

You make the memories, we preserve them™

CATEGORIES: * Charlottesville/Lyncburg *, * Fredericksburg/Northern Virginia *, * Richmond *, * Roanoke/Blacksburg *, * Shenandoah Valley *, Florists, Keepsake Gifts, and Unique Services





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