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I’m Holly Fields, PhD. I am an online health coach and a gym owner, and I spend most of my time helping people (mostly women, and some men as well) GET STRONG! This is usually part of an overall goal to LOSE body fat, so I help people realize the connection between the two. Muscle is the key to boosting your metabolism and creating a fat-burning machine! Your goal is NOT to be “skinny fat”.

I’ve been lifting for over 30 years now, and I have been through every type of season; competition prep, rebound after prep (too much fat gain), trying different methods of lifting, and one thing I have learned is that STRENGTH and MUSCLE is the KEY to life and longevity!

I started helping people with their physique goals back in Atlanta, GA when I graduated from college (B.S. in Commercial Fitness-would now be Exercise Science-yes, I’m THAT old), and while I was working at Sportslife as an Exercise Physiologist, I worked with new clients who almost always wanted to LOSE WEIGHT-bringing me to 30 years later and many decades of learning that the SCALE is NOT the only tool to use; as a matter of fact, I would argue that gaining muscle is the really big goal that we should all strive for, and guess what! That means WEIGHT GAIN, but also FAT LOSS (don’t be confused, this is where I come in to help)

My first gym opened in 2000 (in my hometown of New Castle, VA)-I had a 1-year-old son, and renovated the old grocery store for the year after his birth (I am a bit crazy, yes lol)

Back then, you had to BE there to be open, unlike now, so the gym lasted just a few years and I went to work at The Greenbrier as their Fitness Director (heck of a 1 hr drive to WV every day).

Again, the goal was helping people not only become healthier, but stronger and better able to enjoy daily tasks and LIFE overall.

So, now I have finished working on my PhD in Health Education & Promotion, and STILL, my goal is helping others create their BEST life through strength training, getting strong, feeling badass, and conquering LIFE!

Creating a dream body for your dream dress….

CATEGORIES: * Charlottesville/Lyncburg *, * Coastal Virginia *, * Fredericksburg/Northern Virginia *, * Richmond *, * Roanoke/Blacksburg *, * Shenandoah Valley *, Beauty, Unique Services, and Weight Loss





Virtual Bridal Boot Camp


8 weeks $999 

12 weeks $1099

16 weeks $1199 (Best Value)


1-hour onboarding call to discuss your big day, dreams, and goals 

Bi-weekly Zoom call with Dr. Holly 15-30 minutes 

Weekly check-ins via app/form

Monthly programming including strength and cardio prescriptions for continued progress

Customized nutrition coaching and sample meal plans 

(NOT a daily “diet”)

Upgrades available if needed to analyze bloodwork for adopting a nutrition optimization plan 

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