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Wedding Inspiration- Vintage Garden

Styled shoots are a creative way for photographers, stylists, and other wedding pros, to show off their talent and visions to inspire readers for their own wedding planning.


Whispers of Elegance: A Vintage Garden Affair

In the heart of picturesque countryside, surrounded by sprawling gardens in full bloom, a team of creative minds comes together to orchestrate a styled wedding shoot that transcends time .Set against the backdrop of a magnificent columned mansion, this shoot is a celebration of timeless elegance, vintage charm, and the whimsical allure of a bygone era.

A pristine 1988 Rolls Royce Corniche II, polished to perfection, awaits the bride. The classic car, a symbol of luxury and sophistication, is parked right outside the garden gates. The bride, dressed in an elegant flowing gown, shares a tender moment with the car, capturing the essence of timeless love.

The bride then is followed to the front with a sweeping view of the columned mansion standing regally amidst manicured lawns and vibrant flower beds. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of pink florals as the model is adorned in an exquisite gown with a ruched sweetheart neckline. She is seen in front of the home in soft, romantic lighting which enhances the dreamlike atmosphere, setting the tone for the enchanting day ahead.

The scene transitions to another location where a carnival has been assembled. Colorful merry-go-rounds and fun-filled rides provide a whimsical backdrop, creating a playful contrast to the sophisticated mansion setting. The bride enjoys a few lighthearted moments, capturing candid laughter amidst the carnival magic.

The cake, a vision of culinary artistry, stands tall and proud, adorned with a breathtaking array of various pink florals that seem to cascade down its tiers like a floral waterfall. Roses, anemones, and delicate blossoms in shades of blush and fuchsia create a stunning contrast against the pristine white canvas of the cake. The table is a study in refined opulence. Two champagne glasses, catching the last rays of sunlight, sit poised and ready for a celebratory toast. Light pink candles, add another pop of color against the white table linens. The white and gold silverware gleams, adding a touch of sophistication to the setting. Each invitation is a work of art, featuring delicate calligraphy that whispers of timeless romance. Behind the table, a gold mirror reflects the tableau of elegance. The mirror, ornately framed, adds a touch of glamour to the scene, capturing and amplifying the beauty of the meticulously curated details. The reflection creates a sense of depth, making the garden tableau feel like a glimpse into a fairytale.

As the day unfolds, this carefully designed setting becomes a stage for moments of joy, laughter, and celebration. The white cake, adorned with a plethora of pink florals, becomes not just a dessert but a focal point, symbolizing the sweet beginning of a journey bathed in elegance and timeless love. The table, with its champagne glasses, candles, silverware, invitations, and a gilded mirror, stands as a testament to the art of creating a moment that transcends time, where every detail is a brushstroke in the canvas of a dreamy celebration.

What we love:

The vibrant pops of color plays off the design and theme and can be held at any venue that has a garden setting and with the lush tropical colors we find in most areas of Florida, this theme will inspire Florida brides who want that garden style incorporated in their wedding.



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