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Bride: Reihaneh Hosseini, 29, Nurse

Groom: Moein Dehesh, 30, Physician

Date: November 30, 2021

Venue: Amir Arsalan Garden, Kerman, Iran

Current Residence: Charlottesville, Virginia 

Guests: 200


The Beginning

“When we met in July of 2016, Moein and I were training in the medical field at Afzalipour Hospital in Kerman, Iran,” Reihaneh said. “I was a surgical nurse and Moein was an Intern.” “We continued to see each other occasionally at the hospital.”

One year later, Reihaneh posted a picture on Instagram. Moein commented on the post. They began having online conversations using WhatsApp, a private messaging service because the Iranian government does not support couples dating before marriage.  

First Date

Moein and Reihaneh’s first date was on July 15, 2020. “After talking on the phone for about 3 months, Moein traveled from Jiroft, Iran to my hometown, Kerman, Iran so we could go to lunch,” said Reihaneh. “We ate lunch at Haft Behesht Restaurant in Kerman.”


Moein said, “I love you,” first. Reihaneh reciprocated a few months later. “We have loved each other for a long time,” Reihaneh said. Moein proposed to Reihaneh on September 19, 2021.

In August 2021, Moein moved to the United States to accept a postdoctoral research fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. “I remained in Iran,” said Reihaneh. “We could not tolerate being without each other.” “One evening, I saw a WhatsApp message from Moein.” He wrote, “I cannot live without you.” “I want to marry you.” 

“Moein told his family that he planned to propose to me,” Reihaneh said. “Two weeks later, he proposed to me online!” “Afterwards, we used WhatsApp to tell my family.” 

When I asked Reihaneh what she loved most about Moein, she said, “he is my friend and is very supportive.” Moein said, “she is the origin of love.”


Theme and Colors

Moein and Reihaneh’s wedding theme was elegant and sophisticated. Their colors were cream and gold.


“I managed all the wedding details with help from Moein’s family and mine,” said Reihaneh.

Cultural Traditions

Weddings in Iran are steeped in cultural customs and rituals. Before the ceremony, a period of courtship called “Khastegari” (traditional proposal) allows the families to become acquainted. The wedding ceremony, known as the “Aghd” features the symbolic Sofreh Aghd spread, where the couple exchanges vows and legalizes their union according to Islamic law. Following the Aghd, the couple signs the marriage contract with two witnesses. The festivities continue with a lavish reception or “Mehmooni” featuring traditional Iranian cuisine music and dancing. All the festivities embody the rich cultural heritage of Iran’s diverse regions and ethnicities.

VENUE – Wedding Hall

Moein and Reihaneh selected Amir Arsalan Garden in Kerman, Iran as the Hall for their wedding. “It was an amazing place,” said Reihaneh. “Moein loved the magnificence and opulence of the Hall.”

“My dad saw me in my wedding dress for the first time when we met in the Hall’s garden,” 

said Reihaneh. “His eyes were tearful.” He said, “my little daughter is getting married.”

Moein saw Reihaneh in her wedding attire for the first time in the Hall’s beauty salon. “In Iran, the groom goes to the Hall’s salon to meet the bride before the wedding festivities begin,” said Reihaneh. “He lifted my veil, kissed my forehead and told me I was beautiful.” “After this, we went to the Hall’s photo studio to have our portraits taken.”



Reihaneh’s gown was made of a light golden-colored guipure fabric. The dress was an off-the-shoulder style. Her veil was a fingertip length. The veil’s material was tulle. It was hand-made and embellished with pearls.

Reihaneh was adorned with a golden crown. She wore a set of white gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Her perfume was Aura Loewe.

Reihaneh wore a pair of light golden transparent-colored heels adorned with pearls.

Moein said, “Reihaneh’s dress was fabulous.” “Her makeup was flawless.” “And happy guests were highlights of our wedding day for me.”


The bride’s bouquet was made of white and pink roses. The stem of the bouquet was silver.


The bridesmaids wore red satin dresses. The dresses were floor-length with scoop necklines. The bridesmaids were cousins of the bride.


Moein wore a cream-colored suit and vest. The color of his shirt was brown. He finished his look with a Persian patterned tie. Moein’s boutonniere was a single white rose.


The groomsmen wore black suits, white shirts and red bowties. The groomsmen were nephews of the groom.


The wedding rings were handmade. And they were made of an 18-karat gold crown-shaped band. 


Together, Moein and Reihaneh entered the Hall by descending a white stone staircase where their family and friends welcomed them. They were presented with the Iranian wedding tradition of using salt and harmala. This Iranian wedding tradition is deeply ingrained in Persian culture and passed down through generations. 

As customary, Moein and Reihaneh exchanged vows and signed their marriage contract before their witnesses (parents and siblings).


The Hall tables were decorated with roses. Moein and Reihaneh’s sweetheart table was decorated with red roses, elegant ellipse crystal vases and glass candle holders. A floral wall display of white and red roses sat behind the sweetheart table.

“It is our tradition to serve a meal, pastries and fruit for the wedding night dinner,” Reihaneh said. The main entrees included beef kebab, chicken kebab and steak. The guests were served a Caesar salad. Side dishes included a bean salad and several rice options. 

“Our DJ played Iranian dance music,” said Reihaneh. The first dance of the evening was a group dance. The bride, groom and guests danced to the song “Ghasam Mikhoram” by Hengameh. The couple’s first dance song was “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Moein and Reihaneh danced in the center of the Hall, surrounded by their guest.


The wedding cake was 3-tier. The cake sat atop a golden stand. It was topped with a white rose. The first cake layer was chocolate (Reihaneh’s favorite flavor). The second layer was vanilla and whipped cream (Moein’s favorite). The third layer was orange chocolate. 


“A white rose and heart-shaped candle inscribed with our names and wedding dates on them were our favors,” Reihaneh said.


“Our exit from the Hall was accompanied by clapping and cheering from our family and friends,” said Reihaneh.


After the formal events ended, the couple and their guests drove to a private garden in Kerman, Iran. “We reserved a private garden for the after-midnight party,” said Reihaneh. “We wanted to continue celebrating with our special guests.” “It was a wonderful night.” “We danced until 5 a.m.”


Before the wedding, Moein and Reihaneh purchased a home in Kerman, Iran. They went to their house when the after-midnight party ended. They remained at their home until it was time for Moein to return to the United States.

“My aunt has a big house,” said Reihaneh. “Some of our guests spent the night at her home when the after-party ended.” “Others found lodging at a local hotel.” 


“We did not go on a honeymoon because Moein flew back to the United States 2 days after the wedding,” Reihaneh said. “Three months later, I arrived at our residence in Baltimore, Maryland.”


In July 2024, Moein and Reihaneh will move to Pensacola, Florida. Moein will begin his medical residency at the College of Central Florida, College of Medicine in Pensacola, Florida. Reihaneh will continue her career as a Registered Nurse. 


Reihaneh said, “find someone who can be your best friend for life.” Moein said, “find someone who loves you.”

Bride: @reyhaneh.7.4.12

Groom: @dr.moein.dehesh


WEDDING HALL: Amir Arsalan Garden @amirarsalangarden

CATERING: Amir Arsalan Garden @amirarsalangarden

PHOTOGRAPHER & VIDEOGRAPHER: Peyman Gallery – @peymangallery.azimpoor

RING: @peransesgold

MUSIC: @dj—talla3

GOWN: @mitrahajakbari_mezon

VEIL: @mitrahajakbari_mezon

HAIR & MAKE-UP: @roomibeautysalon

CAKE: @melikuchen


INVITATIONS: Naghsh O Negar 

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