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Dollar Store Hacks for Your Wedding

There are some areas of wedding planning that don’t need the highest, most expensive quality options. What those areas are will differ, depending on your personal sense of taste and style, of course, but that’s part of the fun of planning (in my opinion, at least!).

And for those items that you need a simple, inexpensive solution for, dollar stores are a great route to go. With that in mind, I’ve got several ideas for your Virginia weddings planning to consider to help you save on budget and possibly even some energy.

Dollar Store Table Numbers

For your seating arrangements, you likely need some table numbers so folks can find their seats more easily. There’s no need to spend a fortune on fancy products for this.

Instead, run to your nearest dollar store and find some things either in the crafting aisle (Dollar Tree, for example, has expanded their crafting section significantly in the past couple of years), the wedding aisle, or in the home décor aisle.

You’ll find photo frames that you can use with printables (or make your own). You’ll find cute wooden cutouts and chalkboards, wooden frames and chalkboard paint, and all sorts of other options.

Pick your favorite and grab a bunch to put together for your big day.

And if the store doesn’t have enough, there’s no need to run around to other stores. Most dollar stores now have an online shopping option for people buying in bulk. Check out their websites to see if what you want can be ordered in larger supply.

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Dollar stores are loaded up with all kinds of glass jars, bottles, vases, and others that you can easily use to affordably create those centerpieces.

Find some tutorials online for crafting the jars and bottles into the perfect frosted, dipped, painted, or glittered candle holders for under $50, all supplies accounted for.

Making these would also be a great get together time with your bridesmaids, siblings, mothers, or kids, too. They’re easy to make, beautiful to look at, and they make for a great little favor to send home with guests after the wedding.

Hula Hoop Floral Canopy

For that background for your wedding photos or hanging décor, a hula hoop canopy is a great solution for very little cash. I’ve created a few of these myself and they’re amazingly fun and beautiful!

Run to the dollar store, grab the hula hoops and then grab florist wire, the flowers you want to attach, some epoxy (or hot glue gun and glue sticks) and any other elements you’ll want to add. Be sure to have wire cutters handy, as well. I also like to have pliers to help bend and twist the ends together. It’s less painful than doing by hand!

Follow a tutorial on making the canopy and soon you’ll have some lovely décor for just a few bucks.

Glass Seating Chart

If you want to go all out, you can grab some photo frames from the dollar store and follow this tutorial to create a truly elegant, beautiful seating chart that looks like a luxe expense you shelled out for big time.

Just grab the supplies ahead of time and follow the tutorial, giving yourself plenty of time to create the chart unrushed. (In other words, don’t put it off to your last thing on the checklist!)

Dollar Store Succulents and Greenery Table Runner

If you’re all about the natural look, check out this beautiful tutorial that teaches you how to use inexpensive dollar store materials to create a stunning greenery and succulents runner. Grab artificial succulents and plants from the dollar store, along with aluminum cans, spray paint, florist moss, candles, and glue.

Picture Frame Lantern Centerpieces

I love the look of lanterns for a wedding! There’s something old world and romantic about them. But the large ones can be pretty darn expensive, especially if you know you won’t use them again. This tutorial takes that problem away and shows you how to make large lanterns you can use with your candles, florals, or anything else to create stunning centerpieces.

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