Fun Alternatives for Flower Girls Instead of Petals and Standard Dresses

Every wedding, no matter how traditional or intentionally imitating of another, is different and unique. Some folks aim for the most traditional possible, while others want something explicitly distinctive. One option for the latter that still leans toward the former, is changing up the routine for the flower girl. Today, we’re going to look at some ideas for giving your little girl some fun things to do and wear that maybe express your personality – or hers! – just a bit more.

Instead of Petals

Two specific things make flower girls stand out. What they carry and toss and what they wear. For the first, let’s look at some fun alternatives that could really jazz things up and show off personalities.

Large Sequin Discs (Indoors only)

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

If you’ve got an indoor space for your celebration that’s equipped with a vacuum, you could give your little flower girl a basket of large sequin discs. These she can easily scatter down the aisle, adding a touch of colorful, sparkly magic to the scene.

It’s important you only use this option indoors, though. The sequins could cause harm for animals coming across them outdoors in the wild.

Fall Leaves (Either/or, depending)

If you’re planning an Autumn wedding, you may happily consider using some fall leaves for your flower girl’s trail. If indoors, you can use either real leaves you’ve hunted up or artificial ones bought on Etsy or Amazon. If outdoors, go with the real thing for ease and safety. They’ll add a nice Autumn touch without much effort and in some cases, absolutely no expense.

Plain Popped Popcorn (Outdoors only)

If you’re movie buffs and doing your wedding outdoors, you might actually consider tossing some plain (unbuttered, unseasoned) popped popcorn out of your flower girl’s basket. Why? It’s natural and biodegradable and won’t hurt animals if they happen across it. Unlike glitter, artificial petals, or similar, if some of it gets missed and left behind, you’re not hurting the environment around you with these. Plus, it’s just unique and kind of fun. Popcorn storm!

Instead of Standard Dresses

Yes, it’s your wedding, and you’re the princess/queen today. But your little flower girl may well desire that kind of excitement, too. After all, it’s a fairy tale wedding! So, you might want to let the kiddo have some other fun choices for the day, besides that standard dress.

Princess Dress

Image by E. L Rose from Pixabay

Perfect for the big day – and dress up afterwards – a princess dress could be just the ticket. She could dress as her favorite belle of the ball, or you could find the perfect ballgown still princess outfit together. Whatever you choose, you’re likely to score big points with the kiddo and the parents. You’ve given her delightful memories of being your flower girl, which she can relive over and over as she plays in the dress later on.

Butterfly Dress

If you’re having a garden themed wedding in any way, or just love butterflies, you can find an adorable butterfly costume, dress, or outfit for the little miss attending the day. You’ll find these dresses available all over the place – whether you search the Halloween shop, Amazon, or Etsy.

Ballerina Tutu

Of course, the little girl attending your wedding with flowers may be more into ballerinas than princesses. You can opt for her wearing a dance costume that day, too. The cute ruffle of the tutu, princess-style tiara, and adorable ballet flats tie the outfit together. Then, after the big day, she’s got a fun costume for holidays, parties, dress up, and more. And, if she’s at the right dance school, it might even work for her big number at the recital.

Medieval Maiden

Even if you’re not going with a dress-up theme like a fantasy-themed wedding, your little miss might well love wearing a medieval gown. They come in pretty much any color imaginable. They also add a unique flair for any affair – and could double as the kiddo’s costume at Ren Faire, Halloween, or some other costumed occasion.

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Rita Juanita Pike is the granddaughter of aviatrix, Jerrie Mock, first woman to pilot an airplane around the world. Rita has taken inspiration from her grandmother’s life and flight and pursued many of her own dreams in theatre, podcasting, novel writing, and cooking up delicious food from around the world. She now writes on food, travel, pets, faith, and the arts. She’s happily married to Matt, and faithfully serves the very fluffy kitten queen, Lady Stardust.