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Fun Touches for Your New Year’s Wedding

There’s something magical about a new year’s wedding. The sparkling silver and white crystals of the snow – the dazzling décor that evokes thoughts of new hope, new love, new life. And if you’re lucky enough to have this important date for your wedding day, you’ll likely want to lean into that theme for your special day.

Here are some of the best (and easiest) touches you can add for your New Year’s Eve or Day Virginia wedding celebration.

Celebrate with Party Horns

Many New Year’s Eve parties have them, so why not your wedding celebration? You can find party horns in many colors that match your theme or go with a traditional New Year’s Eve color scheme of silver, gold, and white?

They’re an inexpensive, fun touch that will add a bit of fun to the big day.

Project the New York Ball Drop

If you’re celebrating overnight, ringing in the new year with your new marriage, you could rent a projector and project the New York ball drop and count down as the new year closes.

Dance In the New Year With Disco Balls

Photo by Dustin Tramel on Unsplash

Chances are, you’ve got a dance floor set up for your big day. What better way to lean into that fun that add a bunch of disco balls for a sparkling good time? They’ll reflect the light while adding some vintage vibes.

New Year’s Props for Your Photo Booth

Grab some New Year’s hats, tiaras, and other fun regalia for your photo booth. Guests will love having some double-duty photos as they celebrate your big day: great memories from your wedding and great memories from their best new year’s eve celebration yet.

Count Down with Vintage Clocks

You can find some really amazing, beautiful vintage clocks at thrift stores and online. You can create a centerpiece around these clocks, using flowers, ribbons, greenery, candles – whatever you love – and then offer the clocks as gifts or door prizes so you don’t have to take them all home. Of course, keep your favorite(s) for the mantle and bedroom. They’ll make great memory pieces from your big day!

Sparkling Table Runners Save the Day

Whether you love gold or silver, black or white – or any color that matches your wedding theme – sparkling table runners decked out in sequins or glitter can add a huge point of festivity without a lot of work. Add a few candles or string lights to get those sparkles to really pop.

Decorate with Glittery Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore, especially glittery ball ornaments. Grab some hurricane lamps or similar glass features and fill them up with glittering globes in your wedding color theme or stick to the New Year’s gold, silver, white shades.

Provide New Year’s Resolution Bowls at Every Table

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

You’ve brought everyone together to celebrate your love and a new year. Why not grab some fun bowls from the local thrift stores and fill them decorative papers folks can write their new year’s resolutions on and keep after?

Be sure to include instructions so folks know what the papers are for – and encourage them to write them nicely so they can keep the pages up at home for a reminder.

Twinkle Light Curtains

If you’re using long tables instead of round, you can line the backs of each side with curtains of twinkle lights. They’ll add a certain ambience that makes for amazing moods and fantastic photo backdrops. Be sure to give plenty of room so folks can get in and out without bumping into the curtains, though! And place those behind your sweetheart table or head table well behind so there’s enough room for folks to come chat with you while you dine.

Champagne Welcome Wall

If you’re serving up some bubbly for the evening’s celebration, you can create a champagne wall to welcome the new year in. The glasses are filled and rest in nooks that hold them securely. Guests grab a flute and join the festivities.

This idea helps prevent some of the issues of a champagne tower.

Sequined Wedding Party Attire

If you love the sparkles of the new year, you and yours can deck out in sparkling gowns, bedazzled shoes, or glittery veils. Even guys can get in on the fun with specialty suits, sequined vests, bedazzled shoes or boots, or anything else you love the idea of.

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