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A Guide To LGBT Wedding Rings


Only a few decades ago, a same-sex couple planning their wedding would be an almost inconceivable concept – one that many gay and lesbian people wouldn’t even dare to dream of. Hundreds of people in long-term relationship were unable to seal their love with the legal or religious bonds of marriage, bonds that would make their everyday lives much easier and their identities validated and recognized.

Gay couple at a romantic date, having fun and drinking wine - Homosexual pair kissing

Since the decision of the US Supreme Court in 2015, however, same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, and LGBT people can finally celebrate their love in any way they’ve dreamt of. Homosexual and bisexual people are having breathtaking ceremonies, having their dream suits and dresses tailored and inviting their friends and family to their big day. This is a major win for the LGBT community in the US, and all the fights of the past need to be memorized.

Gay Wedding - Exchanging Rings

To properly celebrate the best day of our lives, we cannot overlook the importance of engagement and wedding rings – symbols of continuity and eternity, binding us together with our better half. Our wedding rings are accessories that will accompany us everyday, probably for the rest of our lives, so we need to make this choice taking a lot of factors and variables into consideration.

This guide to choosing and wearing the perfect wedding ring, is meant to answer some of the questions LGBT people who are to be married may have, as well as give you some inspiration and ideas so that you know where to start looking for the ring on band that will make this memory last!

How to choose the perfect wedding ring

Is there a specific process you need to follow in order to find the right wedding ring? Does the right wedding ring exist? The short answer is no. The longer answer is: it depends on what you’re looking for.

Joking aside, it’s honestly a trick question.  The only guidance you can have in finding the perfect ring, is your personal taste. There are no rules, no strict guidelines. Your wedding day is your day, and no one but you and your partner can decide what suits you best. So, do some research, make yourself familiar with different brands, materials and designs out there. The jewelry market provides a great variety of choices for all different styles, budgets and personalities. From traditional to unique, from affordable to luxurious and everything in between, LGBT people can finally choose whatever we want to keep the memory of their engagement and wedding day literally on our fingers for the rest of our lives.

What is the best material for a ring?

Again, the answer is, whatever you think suits you. The only concern is that silver may be less likely to maintain its shine throughout the years, while of course good care of the metal may ensure its long-term duration.

It is also important to consider the quality of the metal and the gemstones for health reasons. You should always purchase tested, hypoallergenic jewelry. Brands such as Equalli provide quality, workmanship and authenticity certification with every order, and it’s always ideal to prefer brands that openly support marriage equality, respect, visibility and human rights for our community, so better keep that in mind during your research.


Gold is measured with karats. Pure gold is 24 karats, which means that 24 out of the 24 parts in which a karat is divided are gold. Gold is combined with other metals – like copper, silver, nickel and zinc – in order to increase its strength, since it’s very soft for jewelry.

If you decide to go with yellow gold, better choose a durable mixture with other, stronger metals, so go for 18, 14, or 10k.

White Gold

White gold rings are often plated with rhodium to look more polished, whiter, and be hypoallergenic ; it may also be re-applied over the years even if it wears off, so it’s a safe choice. It may be combined with silver or palladium, in order to look shinier. White gold is less expensive than platinum and slightly less durable.


Platinum is another much preferred choice because of its extreme durability, even though it’s for a higher budget than gold. It is naturally white and the most valuable and precious of all metals. Platinum is purer than gold when used in jewelry, and ideal for people who are manually active in their everyday lives, due to its durability. Re-plating is also not necessary for platinum rings. Platinum may get word in the long term, but it can be re-polished to return to its previous state. It is also completely hypoallergenic.


Palladium belongs to the same group of metals as platinum. It is quite affordable and durable, with a weight lighter than that of platinum, and has a white color that doesn’t need re-plating. It is hypoallergenic and always remains white.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold comes in 9k, 14k, 18k and 22k. When mixed with copper and silver, it is a warm yellow, but the hardness and color may vary depending on the carat. Yellow gold is not as durable as platinum and might get worn with time.

Rose Gold

Rose gold takes its soft pink shade when yellow gold is combined with a copper alloy. Color and hardness will vary on carat. The hue also varies depending on the amount of copper used.


Silver is one of the most inexpensive metals used for jewelry, and one of the softest, so it’s combined with other metals to become stronger. It is more likely for silver to scratch and wear over time, but it can be plated with rhodium. Sterling silver is a combination of silver with copper and other metals, to achieve durability. The color of sterling silver may range from bright white to grayish white.


Titanium is much stronger, more durable and lightweight than most metals, and has a darker hue (silver, grey or black). It is also hypo-allergenic. It gives a quite modern vibe and is used mostly for men’s rings. Titanium rings will certainly last over time. They are also quite affordable.


Zirconium is a metal that shares many of its elements with titanium, like strength and weight. Its color ranges between gray and white, and the metal is hypoallergenic. There is also Black Zirconium.


Steel is very affordable, durable and strong, as well as hypo-allergenic. It looks quite modern but it can also be polished. Steel is mixed with chromium to avoid oxidation. It is also very easy to clean steel.

Green Gold

Green gold is less common than other golds, and has a yellowish-green hue. It is a result of combining yellow gold, copper, zinc and silver.


Tungsten Carbide is a very hard and durable metal. It is hypo-allergenic and heavier than other metals. It is durable, but can potentially break if it falls on a hard surface. Rings made with Tungsten can’t be resized and is rather heavy, and it can conduct heat and electricity, so that’s something to keep in mind. It comes in darker colors and looks more modern. Tungsten is also quite affordable.

Do the couples’ rings have to be matching?

Again, it’s only a matter of preference. Some same-sex couples choose to wear matching rings, in order to symbolize the power of their bond. Others choose to wear different rings that represent the unique personality of each partner. Of course, it is always possible to choose two rings with similar aesthetics and have them customized in a way that fits the style of each individual.

Which Finger Do Same Sex Couples Wear Their Wedding Rings?

There are several different opinions here, none of which is either wrong or correct. Depends on the message each couple wishes to communicate when it comes to their alliance and to their conception of marriage. You can wear your ring on the ring finger of the left hand if you feel it’s important to show that your bond is no different to traditionally viewed, heterosexual marriage, or you can wear it on your right hand in order to make the opposite statement and to avoid some invasive questions. You might also decide to rely on traditions related to your faith, if that’s important for you.

At the end of the day what matters is what you feel more comfortable with. This is your life, your marriage, your relationship, and no one can dictate the rules, habits and rituals better than you and your partner.

What If I want to Surprise My Partner?

Many couples choose their wedding rings together after they decide to get married, and that solves many issues and makes the process easier. But what if you’re looking for the perfect ring to propose to your partner, nice restaurant, flowers, falling on one knee and the like? The perfect choice exists for all romantic souls out there, and we’re certain your partner will forever remember that day. You can choose something dazzling that goes with the personality of your loved one, or you can even get something customized for you, engraved with your initials or embellished with the gemstone of your choice.


What you should definitely keep in mind is that it’s better to plan ahead than leave ring shopping for the last minute before the wedding. Doing some extensive research will help you get an idea of the choices you have and of other people’s experiences with searching for the right ring. Discuss it with your partner or prepare accordingly to surprise them. Know your budget, and know whether – and how much – you can afford to exceed it if you find The One. After all, it’s the only piece of garment or jewelry that you and your partner are going to wear every day for the rest of your lives, so you want it to rule out all possibilities that are any less-than-the-best. Consider your habits and professions: does it include manual work? How resistant do you need the metal to be?

With all of this in mind, we’ve brought together a collection of rings that celebrate every kind of couple.  These rings might prove to be the perfect fit for you and the one you love.  Then again, they might be a catalyst that sends you to the right fit.  Whatever the result, every piece listed here would make the perfect complement for a couple in love.

For the playful and youthful type

Rainbow Titanium Wedding Band
 by Lasercraftdesign on Etsy

  • Price: $124.37
  • Size: 5US-15US
  • Handmade
  • Metal: Titanium
  • Customized Engraving: Yes
  • Color: Gold and Rainbow
  • Fit: Comfort Fit

You can always consider stepping out of the box: it’s what us LGBT people love doing the most anyway! Instead of going all traditional, some of us may choose to wear their Pride all day and year long, and remind ourselves what makes our love so special!

A unisex Titanium wedding band with the potential to engrave a personalized message, and a Rainbow Inlay, for proud wearers only :)


The glamorous choice


Copenhagen ring in Sterling Silver by Equalli

  • Price: $219
  • Carats: 0.4
  • Weight: 3.20 Grams
  • Dimensions: 5.26 Width
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Color: Gold and Rainbow
  • Total no. of Sapphires: 7
  • Sapphire Cut: Round
  • Sapphires Grade: VS1-VS2
  • Setting Style: Pave

A sterling silver band ring with round cut rainbow sapphires make an elegant, colorful and glamorous choice. Definitely on the more affordable end of the spectrum, this unique ring speaks for Pride, love and style every day!


14k White gold and diamonds

Larson-RINGWomen’s Wedding Band With Floral Carving and Diamond Accents by Larson Jewelers

  • Price: $499.99
  • Carats: 14k
  • Metal: White Gold, possibility of other metals
  • Width: 3mm
  • Size: 4.0-9.0
  • Customized Engraving: Yes
  • Diamond Weight: 0.02 carat
  • Diamond Cut: round
  • Diamond Color: White G or H
  • Diamond Clarity: SI2
  • Weight: 2-6 grams
  • Fit: Comfort

A breathtaking, romantic choice for Her. White gold vines, embellished with diamonds produce a classy yet discreet and elegant result. You can engrave any message you want on it!


14k White and Rose Gold and Diamonds


White and Rose Gold Diamond and Vine by Shane Co

  • Price: $1,495
  • Carats: 14k
  • Number of diamonds: 44
  • Weight: 48 carat total
  • Metal: White and Rose Gold
  • Width: 11mm
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Size: 5.0-8.0

A similar yet more heavily decorated and luxurious ring with vines in rose and white gold and diamonds is the White and Rose Gold Diamond and Vine by Shane Co. Gorgeous and definitely attracts all eyes!


Tungsten Carbide and Rainbow


Rainbow Tungsten Ring by NefesTreasures on Etsy

  • Price: $59.67
  • Handmade
  • Color: Black and Rainbow
  • Materials: tungsten carbide, rainbow finish
  • Size: 7US-12US
  • Weight: 17 grams (varies by size)
  • Width: 8mm
  • Fit: Comfort fit

This Rainbow Colored Tungsten Ring is a unique and inexpensive wedding band for men (or unisex) by NefesTreasures on Etsy, is a unique choice both when it comes to design and material. It is ideal if you are on a low budget, and combines subtlety and color. Tungsten carbide is a material that promises to last even if worn on an everyday basis. The holographic-looking rainbow stripe in the middle adds a touch of modernity and unique design. It might run a bit large, so better order half a size smaller than your normal size.



Antinous Engagement ring
 in 14k gold and diamonds by Equalli

  • Price: $1.920
  • Carats: 14k
  • Metal: Gold
  • Number of diamonds: 53
  • Diamond Color: G-H
  • Diamond Clarity: SI1-SI2
  • Diamond Cut: Round
  • Diamond Weight (cts): 0.265
  • Total Ring Width (mm): 3.0
  • Weight: 3.57 grams

Antinous was a Greek youth famous for being the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian. He was worshipped as a hero or as a God after his death, both by Greeks and by Romans. He also became a symbol of Hadrian’s dream of pan-Hellenism, that is, the growth of Greek culture, as well as a symbol of homosexuality and an allusion used by artists and writers like Oscar Wilde.

The Antinous Engagement ring in 14k gold and diamonds by Equalli meets up to the expectations set by the historic name. A majestic choice that can easily match other items of the same collection, elegant, subtle and very luxurious.


For the Femme of Your life


Pink Sapphires on 14k Rose Gold by Shane Co

  • Price: $375
  • Number of sapphires: 19
  • Metals: Rose Gold
  • Carats: 14k
  • Sapphire carats: 0.28
  • Stone Type: pink sapphire
  • Stone Shape: Round
  • Sapphire Color: pink

A quite affordable and adorable choice for feminine people who love simplicity, elegance, pastels and sparkles, who love people of any gender identity or expression, whether their rings match or not!


Eternity is what matters


Infinity Eternity Wedding Band by Krikawa, in Sterling Silver

  • Price: $610
  • Metal: Palladium, Platinum, Gold, Silver
  • Width: 5-12
  • Customizable

You can get this ring in every metal of your choice. Simple yet stylish with repeated Infinity symbols to hug your partner’s finger and life with you. It is a great choice if you love elegance and subtlety, and wish to deliver a very unique message to your other half.

The only thing you’ve got to keep in mind is to make sure the ring fits your partner’s finger. The ideal is to ask for their measurements, but if you don’t want to ruin the surprise you can measure another of their rings. A useful tool to help you is this online Ring Size Conversion Chart.


For the nerdy types

 by Edward Mirell

  • Price: $229.99
  • Metal: Black Titanium
  • Color: Black and purple
  • Width: 6mm
  • Size: 5.0-10.0
  • Customized Engraving: Yes
  • Thickness (varies by size): 1.6mm-2.4mm
  • Weight (varies by size): 3.66 grams
  • Fit: Comfort Fit

Dragons, fairies, and medieval romances oh my! There are brands that offer stunning rings that look like they’ve jumped right out of the pages of your favorite book.

If you want to go for purple vines on black titanium that have something of a fairytale in them, go for the BRITANNIA ring by Edward Mirell, which you can find at Larson Jewelers.


The dragon mother

Dragon Celtic Trinity Wedding Band
 from Krikawa

  • Price: $1,720
  • Metal: Palladium, Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Green Gold, Rose Gold
  • Size: 4.00-14.00
  • Width: 6, 7, 8
  • Accent Stones: multiple possibilities
  • Color: Black and metal

For all Game of Thrones fans out there, this amazing Dragon Celtic Trinity Wedding Band from Krikawa combines subtlety, imagination and originality. Palladium, but you can also choose among several different metals. Featuring a Celtic knot in the middle of the band, surrounded by dragons with stones (that you also get to choose) for eyes.


For the Music Lovers


Guitar Ring by Krikawa

  • Price: $495 (Sterling Silver, varies by metal)
  • Metal: Sterling Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Yellow Gold, Green Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel.
  • Size: 4.00-14.00
  • Width: 6mm

These eye-catching rings by Krikawa will surely stay with you forever if you are musically inclined, bearing your wedding memories with them!

The Guitar Ring is playful and overly realistic, with fret and peg details, if you wish to pull some strings and make this marriage proposal happen!


Loud As LOVE


LIVE! Ring by Krikawa

  • Price: $1,910 (Stainless Steel, varies by metal)
  • Metal: Platinum, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Green Gold
  • Size: 4.00-14.00
  • Width: 7mm
  • Accent Stones: various possibilities

The LIVE! Ring is for all the rockers, punks, and New Romantics out there, who wish to combine their eclectic style with color and great memories of the concert where you met your significant other. Designed realistically as a concert stage with lights and loudspeakers and completed with colorful gemstones.


For the Royals

Queensland Ring
 by Equalli

  • Price: $532
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Number of Sapphires: 37
  • Weight: 1.36 Carats
  • Sapphires Cut: Round
  • Sapphires Grade: VS1-VS2
  • Dimensions: 3.00mm width
  • Weight: 6.00 grams

If you aren’t afraid to go big to show your partner what they mean to you, Queensland Ring by Equalli is probably the way to go. Sterling silver with round cut rainbow sapphires combined in a star-shaped ring, well-deserved by the one you hold closest to your heart.

Buying a wedding ring is an important decision, and one you’re making right now so take your time, plan correctly, and everything is going to be fine! Good luck searching the most valuable and meaningful gift you’ll ever give your partner and yourself!


Newlywed Gay Couple Dancing on Wedding Celebration

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