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Best Games for Your Outdoor Wedding

As much fun as it is to mingle, if your outdoor wedding or reception has an open lawn or beach, here are some games you can play.


Croquet has made a comeback in recent years. This doesn’t mean people know the rules, however, even the most inexperienced 3 year old will enjoy at least trying to make the balls roll through the wickets.

Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss is almost a given for outdoor recreation whether you are having a picnic or a fair. It is everywhere. Make sure your set is color coordinated and monogrammed for that fresh look.

Oftentimes games are set up too far from where people are eating and drinking, discouraging enjoyment. Consider that being reasonably close to the bar for refreshments a good thing and that the games can also be a spectator sport as well. Entertain the people.


You don’t have to have anything but some monogrammed Frisbees here, and everyone can enjoy. No stakes. No cumbersome equipment. And people can take them home as party favors. Fun and light. Everyone just about can enjoy this.

Bocce Ball

All you need is a bocce ball set and to be able to count up to 12. Each team sees how close they can get to the jack (the small ball in the set). Whatever team gets the closest gets the points. Game is over when one team reaches 12. Play on a lawn or in some sand.

Games that don’t require stakes or disturbing the grounds in any way are the safest bet. Check the rules wherever you are renting space. And if you think someone may have a wild arm and send equipment into structures or onto rooftops or into carefully managed botanicals, consider something that is more strategy and finess that brute force.


This is a classy game whether you are at a botanical garden, at the beach, or in a barn.


Consider large scale, gigantic versions of checkers, chess, or tic-tac-toe. The most reasonably expensive is $500 for a chess set with a board. The most inexpensive is $40 for a nice quality tic-tac-toe game made of wood and ropes.

Remember you want as many as possible to enjoy playing, so the fewer rules or strategies, the better. A chess board looks wonderful and tic-tac-toe might be too easy, but checkers could be the perfect fix. Bean bag toss is perfect. Plus, it allows you to hold your drink. And if you can’t hold your drink, you can at least still play reasonably.


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