Not sure what to give the bridal couple for their wedding gift? Especially a couple who already has a home together or that couple who has it all?

Tea Forte is an excellent ( and delicious choice).


Tea Forte works directly with growers that share their dedication and determination to producing the definitive expression of every type of tea that they feature. The ingredients represent less than 1% of all the teas available worldwide, offering diverse, subtle flavors as a result of creating without compromise.

Handcrafted luxury tea blends, design-driven accessories and exquisite packaging come together for an experience worth savoring every day. Steeped in over 35 countries, Tea Forté is proudly featured at leading hotels, restaurants, resorts and retailers.

Experience the delicious refreshment of Tea Forté’s curated collection of sommelier sourced iced teas. Each of these culinary gourmet blends are artisan crafted to stimulate and surprise, delivering pure rich taste tea over ice. Tea Forté iced teas offer the exquisite sophistication of a balanced beverage that will make these iced teas your go-to favorite any day of the year. Click here to view all of their iced teaware and iced tea products.

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Here’s a delicious recipe to get you excited about this product!

To have the ability to cold brew opens the door to so many more creative opportunities! Cold Brew Watermelon Mint Tea has a delicate sweetness that marries beautifully with aromatic mint. And nothing says summer more than watermelon, and this Aperol Spritz does not disappoint. It’s a must-make at your next tropical get-together.


Watermelon Mint Aperol Spritz

For the tea concentrate

For the cocktails

  • 3 cups fresh watermelon juice
  • 750 ml Aperol
  • 750 ml Prosecco
  • ice
  • garnish: seedless watermelon slice, pineapple leaves, orange slices


  1. Make the tea concentrate: Measure cold sparkling water into a 1-quart liquid measuring cup. Add the tea sachets and cold steep for ten minutes. After steeping, remove the sachets and pour tea into a one-gallon pitcher
  2. Make the Watermelon Juice: Buy either store-bought juice or make your own. To make your own, cut a watermelon in half and then each of those in half again to give you four wedges. Put one wedge aside for making garnishes. For the remaining 3 wedges, remove & discard the outer green and white skin. Roughly chop the watermelon flesh into one-inch cubes for roughly six cups of chopped watermelon. Place the chopped watermelon into a blender and blend on medium-high until smooth. The juice can be used as is or strained.
  3. Combine the ingredients: Add watermelon juice and 750 ml bottle of Aperol to the pitcher of Watermelon Mint sparkling tea, and gently stir to combine.
  4. Make the garnishes: Slice the orange into quarter-inch wheels. Take the remaining watermelon with the skin on and slice into small half-inch wedges to garnish the rim of the glass. Next, pull the top leaves off the pineapple, wash, and set aside.
  5. Make the cocktails: Fill serving glasses with ice, and arrange orange wheels between the ice and sides of the glass. Pour 6 ounces, or roughly ¾ cup of the drink mixture into the prepared glasses. Top off each drink with 2 ounces, or roughly a ¼ cup, of Prosecco. Garnish each glass with two pineapple leaves and a watermelon wedge on the rim of the glass. Cheers!

Note: To make an individual serving, combine 2 oz of watermelon juice, 2 oz of Aperol and ice to a cocktail shaker and mix. Pour into a glass and top with 2 oz of sparkling Watermelon Mint tea concentrate and 2 oz of Prosecco. Garnish and enjoy!

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