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DIY Christmas Wedding Projects

As the holidays approach, I’m always looking for great projects to make for special occasions. This year, as I’ve researched I realized that these would be a great topic for the Virginia Weddings blog here at Virginia Bride!

So, here’s my collection of the best holiday-themed DIYs that work perfectly for weddings, from cute placeholders to centerpieces and candle jars.

Glittery Pinecone Place Card Holders

I am a sucker for glitter, so when I spotted this DIY on glittery pinecone place card holders, I knew I just had to include it here. Pull out your three shades of glitter, some glue, and, of course, a bundle of pinecones for this fun, easy project that will leave your guests oohing and ahh-ing on the big day!

Pinecone Aisle Décor

This pin on Pinterest doesn’t give you the DIY, but if you’re at all crafty, you should be able to piece together these pinecone aisle décor pieces with some ribbon, pinecones, winter berries, and hot glue. They make for the perfect evening project, girls’ weekend project, or even just the “I have ten minutes” project for your wedding planning period.

Candy Cane Name Cards

For a super simple DIY name cardholder or simple decorative piece for your Christmas wedding, check out this picture of a candy care cardholder. There’s no DIY necessary. Just grab that solid-colored napkin, some fresh herbs, a candy cane, a hole punch, some ribbon, and those name cards. Voila! Less than 2 minutes each for the Christmas-y-iest place holder around!

Green Pinecone and Berry Boutonniere

I couldn’t find an actual DIY for this pinecone boutonniere, but again, if you’re got some crafty blood flowing through those veins of yours, making these boutonnieres for the wedding party shouldn’t be an issue. You’ll need some pins, green pinecones (small!), berries, ribbon, hot glue, and some greenery. It should take you less than thirty minutes for each one, so even if you have a bunch of guys going down the aisle, you won’t spend that long crafty these gorgeous and uniquely holiday-themed boutonnieres.

Super Simple Pinecone Centerpieces

For this simple idea, just grab some spray paint in whatever Christmas-y colors you love (I’d pick cranberry and silver or white) and some clear glass bowls. Figure out how many pinecones are needed to fill each bowl, then spray half of the pinecones with the cranberry color and the other half with the white or silver. Let them dry completely, then toss them in the bowl.

Additionally, I’d add in some greenery or maybe some green ball ornaments for an extra pop of color to draw out the contrast and emphasize the beautiful holiday season.

Three Candy-Cane Card Holders

Another one I didn’t have a DIY to offer for, but it’s super easy, inexpensive, and absolutely adorably Christmas-y! Use some ribbon to tie together three candy canes (use hot glue, if needed), turn upside down, and voila – a little tripod candy cane card holder stand for each guest!

Jingle Bell Card Holder

Even easier, fun, and super inexpensive is this use of a large jingle bell as the cardholder for your guests’ name cards. Simply insert the card into the jingle bell and you’re done.

Farmhouse Style Galvanized Tray Tiered Centerpiece

This beautiful centerpiece is the perfect touch for a farmhouse-themed wedding. You’ll need some supplies like galvanized ails or buckets or trays and the decorative table runner and pieces to fill them, but the tiered look will be worth it! Plus, honestly, it won’t take that long to construct, if you do it right. Or, if you do want to go crazy, you’ve got that option, too!

Sparkling Berry Boutonnieres

If you’re feeling crafty accessories would be nice, you might want to consider making some of these gorgeous sparkling berry boutonnieres for the guys. They’re inexpensive and easy to make and add some Christmas-y splash without a lot of hassle.

The original crafter made them with supplies found at Michael’s – including cranberry sprigs, sparkly accents and ribbons.

And since you’re making them with artificial ingredients, you can make them weeks (or months!) ahead of time for an easier day.

Simple Cinnamon Berry Napkin Rings

I’m a sucker for napkin rings, too. Ever since I was a little girl and we used to make felt napkin rings for Christmas gifts, I’ve loved the idea of using napkin rings for a special touch at the wedding. These simple napkin rings are so pretty and so easy – they’re perfect! You just need some twine, cinnamon sticks, and frosted berries. Tie them together with the napkin, and voila – 2-minute gorgeous touches for the big day!

Christmas Mason Jar Candles

What kind of wedding reception would it be without some Christmas candles? These gorgeous little DIY snowy Mason jar candles are the perfect touch for your Christmas wedding. Follow the simple instructions and whip them up in no time.

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