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Fun Touches for Your Halloween-Themed Wedding

Getting married on or around Halloween and want to theme on the holiday? There are tons of fun touches you can add to your Virginia weddings in a wide range of “campy” to elegant and you don’t have to spend a fortune to add the touches, either (though you can certainly go as high-end as you like!).

Here are some of the most fun and attractive ideas around for upping the Halloween touches of your holiday wedding.

Find a “Spooky” Venue

A few years ago, I wrote about an incredibly beautiful and unique Halloween wedding, when Courtney and Nicole tied the knot on Halloween in 2018. The happy couple chose an incredible collection of touches for their special day, but one of the most fun and unique ones was their venue choice.

Nicole and Courtney selected the Edgar Alan Poe Museum as their wedding venue. And as you scroll your way through their beautiful photos, you not only see the spookiness of the day, but you see the incredibly beautiful historical touches of the venue that really ramped up the gorgeous factor of their already stunning day.

If you’re thinking Halloween is a great choice for you and your beloved, think through fun and unique, beautiful and spookily themed venues near (or far) that make sense for the day.

There are notoriously haunted houses and mansions, museums, and more that could be the right choice for your wedding day. Google offers a great selection of unique choices, too, so be sure to consider some of the out-of-the-box options you might not otherwise consider.

Choose Distinct Attire

Just like Courtney and Nicole chose their own unique attire for the day (I mean, did you see Courtney’s dress?!?), you can do the same. Choose a black gown or orange and black dress, put the groom in a rusty pumpkin suit or, well, just about anything you like.

You could alternate your wedding party in black and orange (all one side in one color or alternate on both sides). You can go with black for the dresses and suits with orange accessories and flowers. There are tons of options for distinctive attire choices that break the mold, look incredible, and scream {or whisper) Halloween in an elegant way.

Have Fun With Your Décor

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

What Halloween event would be complete without jack-o-lanterns and black cats? Add the décor touches from sites like Amazon or Etsy and deck the place out! Hang purple and orange lights, lanterns, use jack-o-lanterns as centerpieces, or even build a pumpkin wall for your photo backdrop.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for Halloween décor you can purchase or DIY, too, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Hand Out Candy for Your Guests Like They’re Trick-or-Treating Early

Instead of standard party favors, you could give your guests little trick-or-treat buckets or pails and let them “trick-or-treat” around the venue, picking up fun-sized candy from stations set up before the reception. If you have family members or friends you wanted to include in the wedding party but couldn’t, this could be a fun alternative way to share duties for them, especially if they get to help themselves to the loot!

Alternatively, the trick-or-treat pails could be placed at each table setting for guests to use (don’t forget to include instructions!) and have a candy table set up where guests can simply help themselves on the way out of the event.

Have Halloween Costume Props for the Photo Booth

Another super fun option is providing fun costume components for your photo booth. Include some partial masks (skip the full-face ones as nobody could see who it is in the pics!), feather boas in a variety of colors, tiaras, hats, and other costume accessories that are easy to slip on and off for a quite photo session.

Don’t forget to add some fun props, too, like light sabers and swords, stuffed animals, eye patches, and other fun things you’d find in the Halloween aisle at Walmart.

Serve Up Halloween-Inspired Cocktails

During your cocktail hour, you can easily serve up some Halloween themed drinks using seasonal ingredients. Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and similar ingredients are always great, but adding that special touch of spooky puns will help make the fun theme go that much further. Have your bartenders help you dream up the fun options and those fun names for the drinks if you’re stuck.

Add Some Drama With Smoke Bombs

Want to add some extra texture and drama to your photo sessions as a couple or with the whole wedding party? Try adding some smoke bombs from Shutter Bombs designed specifically for use in photo sessions. They release a cloud of colored smoke (grab some orange, black, gray, green, or white for Halloween themes) perfect for upping the drama in your photos.

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