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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

When it comes to weddings, the bride and her dress are the focal point, but the wedding cake has slowly crept up in the ratings, presenting itself as a close competitor for the attention of your guests. Once only a traditional part of the wedding reception where the bride and groom fed each other a piece of the decadent confection, everything from the miniature bride and groom on top to the frosting, tiers and filling has changed. With more couples wanting to customize their weddings in every way possible, the cake became one of those items that gave the bride and groom the ability to showcase the uniqueness of their wedding ceremony because no two weddings should ever really be alike.


Couples now put a lot of thought into their cake choice, and not just from a taste standpoint. Yes, they want it to be delicious, but after attending cake tastings and choosing from flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, carrot cake and more; couples really get into choosing custom fillings and frosting, but it doesn’t stop there. When deciding on a custom cake, the possibilities are endless. You can go as subtle or as extreme as you like and when that cake is wheeled out you just might get the same collective gasp from your guests as you did when you were first seen at the other end of the aisle in your beautiful dress.


If you’re thinking about joining the many couples who want a unique cake for their wedding, here are some examples. Let’s say, you and your fiance are a couple who love to surf. It might be a good idea to incorporate your joint hobby into your cake presentation by choosing blue frosting as waves washing up on mock sand, and for your wedding topper you might choose a bride and groom on surfboards. If you have a dog who is an integral part of your lives, you can add Fido to your wedding topper and if you have a child or children, add them as well. Couples who vary drastically in flavor choices, where one wants a chocolate cake and the other wants vanilla, can have the layers of their cake be completely different flavor. There are no rules and anything goes. 


The cake topper really pulls it all together and makes a statement about who you are as a couple. Did you have to drag him down the aisle? Are you a hopeless romantic or do you share top billing with his guitar? Are you the one on the pedestal or are you both avid travelers? There are endless ways to express yourself with your cake topper and it will become one of the most memorable components of your wedding.


Those getting married in Virginia Beach can choose beach themed cakes to go along with beach-themed weddings or maybe focus on the boardwalk where he popped the question. As one of the most romantic states to get married in, Virginia Beach has become a top destination wedding choice. 


Here are some of the best wedding cake bakeries in the Virginia Beach area:


Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B

With over 40 cheesecake flavors and 25 years of experience, you can choose from traditional wedding cakes or cheesecake flavors.



Bellas Custom Cakes

Offering close to 70 favors and 12 fillings, the owner will work with you to customize your cake for your special day.



Cakes By Crystal

Get a complimentary consultation when you plan to spend $250 or more on your wedding cake, and choose from 8 frostings and 16 cake flavors, as well as fondants and fresh fruit.



E and E Special Events

Not only do they make cakes they provide the DJ for any wedding in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. A husband and wife team in business for almost two decades, they offer 12 flavors and 15 fillings.



Incredible Edibles Bakery

Voted into the Best of Weddings Hall of Fame in the Knot Magazine and honored by WeddingWire for the past 9 years, this bakery has been in business for over 30 years.



My Vegan Sweet Tooth

100% Vegan and named byGreen Planet as one of the United States top twenty-five vegan bakeries. Using locally harvested sea salt, fair trade evaporated cane juice, and organically grown local fruits and vegetables, this bakery tastes even better than it sounds.



Storybook Bakery

Baking only two wedding cakes each week, this bakery is an appointment only, first come, first served business. With a specialty in buttercream cakes and honeymoon cakes, they stacked or tiered cakes in 3 flavors and unlimited fillings.



With so many options, it’s hard to pick just one cake bakery for your special day, but when you do, you’ll know it’s right. Just like you chose each other, your cake choice make itself known.

The author: Leslie Crews

Leslie is a Content Development Strategist with The Blurban Planner Co., LLC. Her travel blog is dedicated to divulging the best-kept secrets of successful small-to-mid-sized businesses around the globe. When she’s not jet-setting to Paris or travel blogging in Reykjavik during layovers, she’s running in the sand with her Great Dane, Beauregard, behind her beach side bungalow on the Willoughby Spit.