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Having Fun In the Deep Freeze – Accents for the Ultimate White Winter Wedding

Pondering a winter theme wedding? With the sun shimmering and twinkling on all the white fluff and icicles, the appeal of a white winter wedding does come to mind, and here are some accoutrements that would make the scene that much more special.

Strings of Pine Cone Lights

Using pine cones and evergreen sprigs is beautiful, but add a string of pine cone lights. They come in different shades, retain various shapes form realistic to fantastic, and some look as if they are carved from ice.

Faux Snow

It doesn’t have to be a winter wonderland outside to have a winter wonderland inside. Faux snow, not the cotton spun kind, but the iridescent kind you sprinkle around, is light and just right for:

  • table tops
  • sprinkled on flowers
  • filling the bottom of large votive candles

Bare, White Trees

What better place to put some lights than on bare, white painted branches set upright to simulate trees. Put them down the isle or in clumps as if your ballroom is actually inside some snow globe scene. Be sure to secure and anchor them for safety, but if they are based in cement buckets it would take excessive carelessness to bring them down.

Hand-Blown Glass Ornaments

Whether you want snow flakes or pine cones, think of hanging some crafted ornaments. They don’t have to take over the whole wedding scene or reception, but can be concentrated at a special area, like the head table or above the wedding cake or above the entrance people walk under.

White Twinkle Lights


Blue Lights

Not so obvious, but to make an ethereal winter reception, consult a professional on lighting if you can manage it in your budget, because making the mood with blue lights would be amazing at a winter wedding. You can then highlight table decor or other decoration with warmer color candle lighting. Purple and pink can be brought in for more drama and interest.

Snowflake Spotlight Dance Floor

Everyone has seen those beautiful snowflake spotlights at an ice skating rink, or a backdrop of falling snowflakes at Christmas time. Make your dance floor extra special by incorporating this feature, making your dance floor as elegant as a ice-skating rink.

Paper Snowflake Chandeliers

It might take some time, but it is simple and inexpensive and beautiful. You can punch out snowflakes and connect them to long strands of thin ribbon. Go light with one or two hoops or get more elaborate with four or more.  Light and airy would still be enough for a beautiful shower of suspended snowflakes.

Faux Fur Rugs or Just Go Shag

It doesn’t have to look like fur, just being shaggy and white is enough to put people in mind romantic moments in front of cozy fireplaces.

Faux Fire Place or Fire Pit

You don’t have to play with fire, but to set off your Icecapade wonderland, contrast all the cold ice with some hot scenes. Add an electric fire place scene at one end of the reception hall or put in a fire pit made of lights and silk scarf flames made to move by an inner fan. Make it dark in that corner, but keep the light of the fire bright to conjure scenes of great times around a camp fire. Serve spiced, warm apple cider and keep it cold. Set a real scene.

Snow Queen Cake

The cake can be over-the-top winter fabulous in many different ways. Cake decorations to consider are:

  • Mistletoe accents
  • Icicle icing
  • Birch Cake Stand
  • Snowy icing accents
  • Sugar snowflakes
  • Crystal Accents
  • Blue frosting with white accents
  • Frozen fruit dusted with powdered sugar accents

Winter Wedding Favors

You can send a bit of your wedding home by including each place-setting with a small thank you like:

  • antler bottle openers
  • ceramic polar bear salt/pepper shakers
  • glass/crystal ornaments of
    • snowflakes
    • pine cones
    • reindeer
    • glass/mirror keepsake boxes

Toast of Winter

There are many drinks that can conjure up winter wonder. Her are a few beautiful cocktails.

  • Champagne with frozen berries
  • Sherbet spike punch with fluffy, fizzy clumps of the frozen delight
  • Snowflake martinis with sugar encrusted rims (make sure glasses are chilled)
  • Pomegranate mimosas

And if you want to go a little more winter crazy, you can ask your guests to actually wear white and have a snow-inspired dress code. What is a few more frozen princesses at a winter wedding anyway. Tiaras for everyone!

Cheers! to your most beautiful of occasion!

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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