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Royalty continues to intrigue the world and even more so when a royal engagement occurs. People are mesmerized by the sheer elegance and tradition of the global royals and their history is littered with the most amazing, startling and eye opening moments. The millions all over the world who, in more recent years tuned into the royal wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, is a testament to the popularity and draw of the royal concept. Each royal engagement creates immense excitement as to what the chosen jewel will be to signify the moment and the choice can have huge influence over resultant engagement ring trends. Jewelry experts all over the globe have to keep abreast of these types of trends as naturally brides will veer towards what is popular at that time. Many royal engagement rings are jewels that have been handed down over generations but there are of course instances of where original commissions have been developed.

This infographic from Loyes Diamonds examines some of the most interesting royal engagement rings we have seen over the history of time. Read about Princess Grace, the Duchess of Cambridge, Wallis Simpson and many more.

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