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“She’s Been Scooped Up” Bridal Shower

All the rage on the social media platform TikTok, an ice cream themed bridal shower is perfect for the blistering summer months. Whether you’re trying to squeeze one more celebration in before the leaves change this year or are planning early for next summer, consider a “she’s been scooped up” theme for your favorite bride’s shower.

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Before we dig into the details, it’s wise to talk things over with the bride you’re planning the shower for to make sure she likes the theme, color scheme, etc. If you’re trying to keep certain elements a surprise, we’d describe this theme as whimsical and playful with pastel colors. If this sounds like something your bride would love, keep reading!


Invitations are essential in conveying the theme and vibe of the shower to those invited. If you’re hosting the shower in a park or backyard perhaps use more playful fonts and colors on the invitation. If the event is held at a banquet hall or a more formal location, include scalloped edges and calmer colors. This theme is so versatile, it can be done so many different ways, give your guests a subtle heads up on what to expect at the event.

Be sure to include the date, time, and venue where the shower will be held along with an RSVP date and contact and where the couple is registered. If you are asking guests to bring a recipe or marital advice for the bride, include an insert with the invitation so they come prepared!

Two of our favorite invitations:


Use pastels, especially pinks. Include, purples, blues, mint green, and yellows as accent colors throughout the space. Ballon arches are a great statement piece and a perfect backdrop for photos. Consider using a greenery wall, perhaps behind the food or refreshment table. Don’t forget welcome signs, centerpiece for tables, and a place for gifts and cards.


Depending on the time you’re hosting the shower, light snacks should be fine. You don’t want to take away from the start of the show: dessert! A large charcuterie board, finger sandwiches, and fruits are a good starting place.


You obviously have to have ice cream! Soft serve or hand dipped, sundaes or milkshakes, have an array of different ice cream based desserts for your guests to choose from. Consider hiring an ice cream truck or organizing a sundae bar complete with all the toppings. Don’t forget waffle cones!

Photo by Love is Greater from Budget Savvy Bride


These adorable game sheets are right on theme! Available on Etsy, these customizable games are perfect!

The six games in this pack include Would She Rather, He Said/She Said, How Old Were They, Find the Guest Bingo, Where Were They, and What Did the Groom Say.

Would She Rather: Feel free to include ice cream and non-ice cream related “would she rather” questions, like “cup or cone” and “city or country.” Give the guest with the most correct a prize!

He Said/She Said: Use 8-10 different statements and have guests guess who said it, the bride or groom.

How Old Were They: Have 8 pictures of the couple, either together or separate, and have guests guess their age in the photo.

Find the Guest Bingo: This game is a great way to get guests to mingle. Fill the bingo board with different descriptions of guests, like “is related to the groom” or “has the same shoe size as you.” Feel free to get creative and even use so ice cream related descriptions to stay on theme.

Where Were They: Collect 8 more photos of the couple on various trips and adventures and have guests guess the location.

What Did the Groom Say: Come up with a list of questions for both the bride and groom to answer. Pre-record the groom’s answers and allow the guests to guess if the couple’s answers will match. After everyone has their guesses in, ask the bride each question and then reveal the groom’s answer to see if they match.


Usually a prize of some sort is given to the winner of each game. A few ideas include a gift card to a local ice cream parlor, ice cream bowl/scoop, or ingredients for a topping bar so they can create one at home.

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