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Because we are overwhelmed with technology, particularly smartphones, it is worth remembering that there are some social rules. If you are going to attend a wedding, brush up on tech-etiquette as well as how to take good photos and videos. Here are some simple guidelines.

Turn Off Devices

Leave your devices off in the church and at the reception. If it is still too much of a temptation, leave your devices in the glove box of your car. Do this when you pull into the parking lot.

No Tablets

Leave your tablets at home, no matter how good they takes pictures. Tablets have been cited as an annoyance whether at a child’s baseball game or a family reunion.

No Selfie Sticks

It really isn’t a great time to take selfies, and the selfie stick is probably the same kind of annoying as tablets.

No Posting to Social Media

Unless the couple has their own #hashtag and are inviting you to post, just don’t. The moment should be theirs to share. Many weddings now have nice signs asking people to refrain from taking photos.

Ask For Permission to Share

If you must snap and share, get permission. Asking is very important, even when taking photos and sharing online. There are still many who just do not want their photo on the internet, especially people over 45. Remember, people from older generations did not grow up with the internet, smartphones, or social media, and find it intrusive.

Share Great Photos or Video

If you do get permission to take pictures or video, and something you take is wonderful, give the couple a copy of the original on a memory card, thumb drive, or disc.

Be Discreet

If you are invited to take photos or given permission to share, be discreet and limit how much time you spend getting photos. Sometimes a wedding is a great time to get photos with family you don’t see very often or you don’t see often dressed so nice. A wedding is a great opportunity to take those photos. Just don’t wear out your welcome by taking too many photos or pushing people into photos that are reluctant.

Take Flattering Photos and Video

If you are going to take photos or video, brush up on tips about how to take the best photos possible. If you are going to take awkward photos that have the tops of people’s head nipped, or if you are infamous for blurry photos, just don’t bother. Try to frame people in photos so you have adequate space to crop and try to only take flattering photos. No one wants a great photo of one person if the other person is looking down giving them double chins or have their eyes only partially open. And although you may not think grandmother’s oxygen tank is a big deal, she may despise seeing that constant companion in photos. Just be sensitive to their feelings.

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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