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Unique and Fun Guest Book Ideas

As the lock downs lift, we’re finding more and more opportunities for getting our creative juices flowing again as we plan weddings in this “new” world. So, let’s take a look at some fun, unique ideas for beautiful guest books that break the norm of the old and usher in this new, innovative wedding world.

Custom Wooden Puzzle “Book”

For the puzzlers out there, this beautiful, wooden jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way to share your hobbies with guests while having an absolutely gorgeous, memorable guest book you’ll be thrilled to share for your whole lives. You can find a custom wood puzzle on Etsy, or, if you’re not as keen on wood, you could find a beautiful puzzle you love and have guests sign the back of the pieces. Then, glue the puzzle together and display the puzzle on a glass shelf or coffee table where you can see either side as the mood strikes.

Note: for custom puzzles, you may want to choose one like this state-shaped puzzle. Order one in the shape of the state you live in when you get married (or are moving to), the state where you met, or, if you were born in different states, one of your birth states.

A Quilt “Book”

Love quilts? You could create one with your guests’ signatures as a unique and warming way to wrap yourselves in their love as the years pass. Cut out quilt squares before the big day, then provide your guests with clothing pens/markers/paint to share special message of love and encouragement for years to come. After the big day, you can put the quilt together yourself or hire someone to piece it together into a cozy quilt for you.

A Guitar for the Music Lovers

For musicians tying the knot, purchasing a beautiful guitar for a guest book is a gorgeous and meaningful way to commemorate each person who’s joined in on your celebration while having something functional to use or stunning to display. Choose an acoustic or electric guitar, based on your musical styling preferences, in whatever color you love. Custom guitar makers are happy to accommodate your color preferences, though you may be able to find a model in the local guitar shop already waiting for you.

To keep the theme going, pass out custom guitar picks as wedding favors – or if you don’t have a lot of musicians attending who’d use a pick, have them sign the picks instead and create a decorative piece of wall art with the picks instead.

Custom Christmas Ornaments

For the Christmas nuts like myself, you could have your guests sign unique Christmas ornaments. You can either do uniform ornaments in different colors, ornaments in your wedding colors, or an assortment of uniquely shaped, colored, and styled ornaments. If you have a large enough guest list, you’ll wind up with enough unique ornaments you could decorate an entire tree with them.

Anniversary/Table Notes

One I just heard of from a featured bride is an absolute new favorite. Provide notes, cards, or loose leaf pages to each table at your reception, along with an envelope or folder to place the finished notes in at the end of the night. Each guest then writes you notes and thoughts for your anniversaries. The table numbers correspond to the anniversaries you’ll celebrate someday. E.g. Table 18 writes notes for you to open on your 18th anniversary.

Custom Canvas

My final idea for this installment of wedding guest book ideas is creating a unique, custom canvas to have your guests sign. You can either provide a blank canvas and thematic colored pens and markers or paints, or you can get a canvas print made of a photo of you as a couple, your venue, a favorite travel destination, or something else meaningful. Make sure the canvas has plenty of space around the photo for the signatures and notes from your guests.

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