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A Most Romantic Color Palette is Gold, Blush, and Red

Choosing your wedding’s color palette can be highly personal if you have a favorite color, however, some color palettes are so much about mood.  This color pallet is gently and genuinely romantic.

The bouquet is special because it has roses and peonies, with greenery that is a grey-green.  I think of sage because it means having a long life together.  The bouquet also looks as if it was gathered together spontaneously, because it is loose and flowing.

The gold is just enough on the chairs and trim, and in some cases looks like brushed gold, as it is not bright, metallic, and glossy, but dusky and antiqued.

The cake may not be to my liking, but the brushed gold on ivory is special, and I love the moss and peonies around the base.  The topper I actually do love, although I can’t say why, except I’ve never seen a topper done this way before.  When I looked online to find out more about glass enclosed flowers, I found examples of preserved wedding flowers displayed in glass jewelry boxes.  There are Pinterest boards devoted to them.  There may be a blog on Tumblr somewhere.  Silk flowers could look alive forever in a jewelry box, but dried flowers in a glass display case would be shabby chic.  So the topper is definitely a romantic keepsake that I could see working into my decor.

The bride’s dress and hair are sweet and natural.  I really do love the ring of gold coins she is wearing in lieu of a veil.  In some weddings money is actually attached to a bride, and in centuries past, women wore their dowry, such as gold coins around their ankles and wrists.  I don’t know if that is what this look was harking back to, but I love it because it is slightly bohemian and non-traditional in my view.

This video done by 111 Films in Canada also is a sweet idea.  Instead of just a still shot of your wedding or video footage of everything and everybody, this footage captures the personality of the couple and their wedding theme set to music.

I hope you enjoy this little find of mine.  Coming across the video online was a pleasure I wanted to share.

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The author: Dawn Van Ness

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